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Mister Bar brings luxury bar catering wherever you want it!
In a villa, on a yacht or in a garden, Mister Bar Catering is always at your side.

Remember: if you like to be distinguished, if you like to impress your guests MISTER BAR CATERING is your final choice!

  • MIster Bar: its history

    Dynamism and attention to details make the essence of Mister Bar working philosophy. A highly specialized staff will make every moment of yours sublime: you’ll be sipping a drink accompanied by tasty delicacies anywhere you like.

    A mixture of well defined ideas shapes the ‘concept’ of our business: respect for tradition and product seasonality, interest in the psychology of our customers and a constant survey of all sorts of innovations which may anticipate the trend of ‘healthy & responsible’ drinking.

    Head barman & proprietor Francesco Cimmino of Misterbar was born on the island of Ischia in 1982, in the beautiful region of Campania, where true hospitality has forever been considered an art form.

    From an early age, the love of tradition and the propensity to be in contact with people urged him to investigate this direction, choosing to attend Hotel School where this passion turned into his job which led to a world full of surprises and emotions for his work.

    After graduation, Francesco decided to move abroad to learn new bar techniques and improve his knowledge of languages. His stay in France, Spain and the UK allowed him to further his love of bar catering, therefore improving his many skills as barman which enabled him to attend, upon his return to Italy, the AIBES, (=The Italian Association of Barmen).

    Upon his return, he also received a Master’s degree in food & beverage management at a leading institution in Rome.

    Since 2003, Francesco has functioned as professional barman on the island of Capri, Italy at some of the most renowned luxury hotels, serving as head bar manager at prestigious hotels such as La Palma and the Capri Relais Blue, as well at some of the most beloved bars & clubs in Capri such as the famous tavern 'O Guarracino.

    Thanks to his considerable experience in Capri  and direct contact with an international clientele, Francesco can quickly understand and pick up on guests’s personal tastes and habits from all around the globe.

    Thanks to his thorough knowledge, gained during his career, and his love and passion for his job, he decided to develop a new concept of specialized "bar catering” (up until now, quite unheard of in Italy). A bar catering unlike others in Mister Bar Catering, specializing in quality, originality and sophistication, offering his guests comfort and professionalism in making each event unforgettable.

    Mister Bar cooperates in partnership with the leaders of the fitting-out market. The key-words to the positive results in the world of ‘happening-making’ are quality outfitting and location.

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